Policy and general regulations

Website www.honghanh.com.vn is the official information portal of Bay Hong Hanh Produce Commercial Trading Company, headquartered at 37, Street No. 142, village 8, Binh My, Cu Chi Ward, Ho Chi Minh City, hereby called “We”.

That whenas You approach our website, You agree to terms and conditions announced on our website. The website is able to be updated, revised or removed any parts of terms and conditions of our policies and general regulation, at any time, all updates are valid right at the time of loading on website without any notice. Please follow regularly to update our changes.

It is very important for you to read carefully at the beginning:

1. User guidance:

- All action of using any parts of this website on business purpose or on be half of any third party to do that without our permission in writing is prohibited. If you break any terms & conditons hereby, we have the right to proceed any legal procedures to protect our benefits without any notice.

- Once visiting our website: www.honghanh.com.vn, you must be enough 18 year-old, or visit it under your parent’s supervision or other authorized legal adult. You should ensure to have enough citizen rights and behaviors to visit, use the website and provide any informations under VietNam Law.

- You must not sign up any accounts to make order of our fish sauce products on the website: www.honghanh.com.vn

- Whenever you visit our website, You will be updated about the company profile, manufacturing procedures and other valuable news that we provide through our website.

- You can also keep in touch with us through our contact information on our webiste whenever you have any requirements.

2. Customers’ feedback

- Our company highly appriciates your feedback in order to build and develop our company better day by day. All of your feedback and information are disclosed as Vietnam Law.

- All informations of this webiste and all feedbacks are our property. If we recognize any unfaithful information, we will apply any solution to protect our legal rights and benefit under Vietnam Law.

3. Products information

We strongly believe and are proud to offer you our delicous traditional fish sauce which is fermented in proper wood containers, absolutely made from black anchovies and pure salt, with 30 years experience in our secret family recipe to provide drops of fish sauce, not only delicous & healthy but also help to fulfill your family meal with warm and happiness to live healthily everyday.

Using guidance: use to dip food directly or make recipe in cooking to enhance delicious taste of your dishes. Keep products in dry place, advoide direct sunlight.

Thanks to our standardized manufacturing & modern packing procedures and our material of fresh black anchovy and pure salt, Hong Hanh fish sauce ensures its high quality for customer belief.

4. Brand name and liciense

- All intellectual property (registered or not), content and all design, news, writing, graphic design, softwore, photos, video, music, sounds, software translation, source code and basic software… are our own property. All information and content of the website are protected as Viet Nam license law and international convention. All rights are reseved.

5. Legal rights

All terms and conditions, content of our website are followed under Vietnam law and the authorized court in Viet nam has the right to sentence any argument causing from illegal using of this website.

6. Arbitration:

Any argument, claim or disagreement arising from or concerning to any transaction/ trading on honghanh.com.vn or any terms and conditions will be solved by moderate negotiation, arbitration or court as the law.

7. Others:

All terms and conditions (and all responsibilities arising out of these terms and conditions or concerning) will be controlled and understood under Viet Nam Law. We have the right to revise any terms and conditions at any time and these adjustments will be effective right at the time of  updating on Honghanh.com.vn