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Please look through our privacy policy to understand our commitment to respect and protect users’ rights and benifits

1. Purpose and information scale collected:

We respect and commit not to disclose any personal information that you provide on this website. We commit to make our best effort and give our proper solutions for keeping your information in secret and advoiding any illegal usage. However, we can not ensure  to prevent all illegal usage. In any cases of illegal usage, out of our control, we will not take responsibility of any claim, argument or any damage concerning to that illegal usage.


We can collect your private information and computer including IP, personal information in detail that you provide us by yourself or by your reply to our email.

We can provide you some sharing options of social network such as Facebook or Twitter. If you share the information, that disclosed ones will be used by the third party of those webiste/ apps. Please view our privacy policy to have more information:


2. Information Usage

We use your information provided to ensure that you can use our website efficiently and ensure that you receive concerning information , support services if any and advise you of our service update. For safety purpose, we will not collect any information of credit card, ID card, passport or other information that you yourself want to provide us.


We can provide your personal informations to the third party concerned during our usage, upgrading, enhancing, adding function of our website, to ensure that you can visit our website and interact with us efficiently. We will make effort to ensure that any third party metioned above understand our privacy policy. Besides, we must provide your personal information to the authority because of safety & security purposes or other purposes as required under the law.

3. Information record period of time:

Your personal information will be recorded until you request to remove. In any other cases, members’ information will be kept in secret on our server.


4. Company address for collecting and recording your personal information:

Bay Hong Hanh Produce Commercial Service Company,

Head quarter located at No. 37, Str. 142, Hamlet 8, Binh My Village, Cu Chi Ward, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: 08. 38 20 60 86  | Fax: 08.3797 8429. Email:


5. Users’ means and tools to visit and address your personal information

We use cookies, an information method as our daily usage record on visitors’ computers to create good conditions of using our website. These cookies will store your computer’s latest visit on purpose of returning this status for your next visit. However, by changing your registeration on internet browser, you can turn off cookies or sign up cookies so that a notice will appear on your computer screen before your cookies are provided.

We have rights to revise, update this privacy policy at any time in needed. The privacy policy will be announce on our website and record the date for you to know the lastest update.


6. Privacy commitment

We know that customers’ information is an essential element of any business, so that we will not sell, share on the purpose of any trading which breaks any commitment mentioned in our privacy policy. And we would like to impress that we pay our most attention to your benefits of personal information protection, so in case you have any suggestion, question concerning to our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us:


Office address: 151 Vo Thi Sau Str., W. 6, Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (08) 3820 6086 – Fax: (08) 3820 7576